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While writing something else entirely, I stumbled upon one of my earliest contributions to the evolutionary design/TDD community. I called them abstract test cases at the time, but today we know them as contract tests. Has much changed in the 20 years since I first wrote about this in public? No.

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Have you had the chance to consider things like Pact Broker, or Pactflow (managed service). Or do you know or recommend of any tool or library to enforce contracts?

No, I don’t have experience with specifically those tools. I don’t have a recommendation for you for a particular library.

There is very little to write here. Most xUnit frameworks have everything you need to write Contract Tests. Just write the tests, then remove duplication. I genuinely don’t know what a “contract test library” would give you that you couldn’t easily write for yourself.

If you’re worried about missing something, I don’t think you are. :slight_smile: